Compressor Oils 4

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The ARKO Compressor Oils has been specifically formulated from highly refined paraffinic base oils and “leading edge" technology additives for the lubrication of rotary and reciprocating air compressors. Each grade of Compressor Oil when used within its appropriate recommended application temperature and viscosity range, will offer the following features and benefits:

• Outstanding cylinder and piston ring lubrication
• Excellent lubrication of timing gears and bearings in rotary compressors
• High compressor efficiency by reducing build-up of carbon on discharge valves and inter-coolers
• Enhanced oil life in circulating systems and crankcases
• Optimum rust, corrosion and wear protection – all grades are inhibited to help reduce rust, corrosion and wear in compressor systems
• Excellent water separation aids in draining excess moisture from circulating systems
• Reduced sight glass staining of compressors equipped with automatic lubricators
• Excellent air/oil separation when used in flood-lubricated rotary compressors
• Foam protection – Grades 32 through 220 contain an effective foam inhibitor

Gear Box Oils 5

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ARKO GEAR OIL is multipurpose gear oil contain extreme pressure additives meets API GL – 4, MIL – L – 2105 & EP type GL – 4 levels IS: 1118: 1992

Application areas are manual transmissions of automobiles requiring this type of extreme pressure oils.

• Excellent thermal & chemical stability
• Protection against rust & corrosion ensuring longer trouble free protection

General Purpose Machine Oil 2

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ARKO Lub oils comprise specially selected mineral oils. These oils are used by the industry with profit for once-thru all-loss lubrication systems. These are invariably used in enclosed systems where the use of high-grade products is not desired because of copious leakage from oil seals and the consequent heavy makeup.

Heat Transfer Oils 7

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ARKO Heat Transfer Fluids are manufactured from purified paraffinic oils having a high viscosity index. These base stocks have exceptional oxidation stability and are ideal for blending of heat transfer oils owing to their high thermal conductivity.

Hydrolic Oil 1

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ARKO hydraulic oils are designed for the most demanding applications.
By offering excellent oxidation and thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and foam resistance, these oils significantly extend equipment life.
They meet the requirements of very high pressure systems and also of systems where high pump speeds are encountered.

‘ARKO Hydraulic Oil’ possess the following characteristics :

• Right viscosity to satisfy the demands of the hydraulic pump and the designed system.
• High viscosity index to restrict viscosity changes under operating conditions.
• Good film strength & anti-wear prop. to minimize wear of pump, valves, cylinders, pistons etc.
• Maximum demulsibility to allow entrained water to settle down.
• Excellent corrosion resistance to prevent rusting and corrosion of metal parts.
• Resistance to foaming to ensure prompt and efficient functioning.
• High chemical stability to ensure long and trouble free service life.

‘ARKO Hydraulic Oil’ are recommended for use in hydraulic systems, enclosed gear box, chain drives, compressors, vaccum pumps, mining machinery, machine tools, circulation oiling system etc. wherein oil is recirculated & used for extensive period.

‘‘ARKO Hydraulic Oil’ meet the requirements of IS: 10522-1983 specifications.

Machin Toolway Oil 3

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ARKO TOOLWAY grades are specially formulated for the lubrication of slow moving machine parts. Mild EP & rust preventive additives are incorporated to give high performance characteristics.
Toolway – 32,68 , N – 32 & 220 are recommended for slideway lubrication of planer, grinder, horizontal boring machines, shapers, jig bores etc. involving high precision work & are also recommended for lubrication of gears by oil can. Tool way N – 32 is recommended in combined hydraulic and guide ways lubrication system of machine tools.
Our way lube oils have been formulated to ensure better lubrication for moving machine parts. Fortified with mild extreme pressure and rust-prevention properties, these oils perfectly serve as hydraulic media.

Quenching Oil 6

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The term quenching normally refers to the controlled cooling of steel components in a fluid to give specified properties.
The hardness and other physical properties obtained depend on the composition of the steel, the dimension of the component, the time and temperature of the heat treatment and the speed and duration of the quenching process. A number of quenching
mediums such as molten salts, brine water, synthetic quenchants can be used, but petroleum based medium find the widest application due to the following advantages. They are easier to control and give uniform hardness. Suitable for large scale automation.
They are non-corrosive and non-toxic. ‘Witcol Temper Lube Grades’ have been specially formulated from highly refined petroleum oils with additives and have the following characteristics:

• Good thermal properties
• Good chemical oxidation stability
• High boiling points & low volatility
• High flash & hire points

Rubber Process Oils

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ARKO Supplies a wide range of standard as well as customised Rubber Process Oils (RPOs) under the ARKO brand name to cater to the requirements of the rubber industry. These oils possess superior solvency with excellent oxidation stability and ageing for critical processes, which is why they’re compatible with a wide range of rubber polymers. RPOs come in three types, namely aromatic, paraffinic, and naphthenic oils:.

Turbine Oil

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ARKO turbine oils are designed to meet the lubrication requirements of steam, gas, and water turbines over a wide range of operating conditions.